5 reasons why your company needs you

I am assuming that if you are reading this article, you are employed in a company and are curious to know why your company really wants you.

Sometimes, despite motivation to work, employees tend to feel useless because of various reasons such as not being able to take decisions related to certain tasks or not getting the credit where it is due which is why they tend to forget their worth in the company.

It leads to the feeling of dejection which affects one’s performance, mental health and sometimes, physical health. However, there should be no reason why one needs to feel that way because every company functions smoothly just because of its employees and each employee carries equal importance according to his or her position in the company.

Life is full of ups and downs which can be witnessed in an office environment too! In spite of that, there are reasons why you should consider yourself valuable to the company.

Here are 5 reasons why your company needs you:

1. Your company’s customers rely on you:

Every company makes products or services which can be sold to people, who are willing to buy such products or services to satisfy their needs, to earn money. Having said that, it can be concluded that one or both of the following conditions must be satisfied – either the company approaches those people or the other way around.

In both the conditions, who do you think will help in getting these two parties close – the employees, of course! Take an instance of any department of your company and you will sooner or later realize that his or her performance will directly or indirectly affect the size and quality of customer base of the company.

For example, you are a management accountant – if you have calculated marginal cost according to a different method, it would affect the profitability of the company which would force the company to raise or lower the prices of the goods accordingly to maintain desired profits. Thus, the performance of management accountant indirectly affects the number of customers of the company.

The impact just becomes apparent in the case of an employee in the marketing department who is supposed to attract potential customers and persuade them to become regular buyers.

All in all, the company is dependent on its employees when it comes to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

2. You are the only knight for your company:

The term ‘knight’ has been used because just like warriors in medieval times used to protect kingdoms from being overthrown by rival kingdoms, the present warriors – the employees protect their companies from getting wound up in this cut-throat competition.

In the present scenario, with numerous companies showing up with numerous products, it becomes an advantage for consumers who are exposed to such a variety but it is also a demerit for the companies who struggle to survive by making a sale.

If companies have a competitive workforce, it will be able to cross the ocean of difficult winds. Companies which have creative and innovative employees can easily understand the market scenario and function accordingly.

For instance, the current situation is of recession – the prices are rising high because of a high price of raw material and the purchasing power of consumers is declining. In such a situation, if a company takes a risk, depending upon the competency of its workforce, by lowering its prices while anticipating higher sales at the time of recession and even more profitability at the time boom, the company would be able to achieve its goals.

3. You bring innovation in your company:

With the changing trend in technology, obsolete methods and techniques in any job tend to not work. They need to be updated from time to time to keep up with the trend and market forces.

This is called innovation.

Efficient and effective employees bring innovation to the company which has a long-lasting impact on its goals. Sometimes, the problem which may arise here is that sufficient autonomy is not delegated to the employees because of which they are not able to take decisions which could have improved their performance.

However, with the changing time, companies have decentralized decision-making process which has enabled employees to be more dynamic and active in deciding the next action to be taken which can ease their task and can also help the company attain its objectives.

4. You build relationships:

A company not only have a relationship with its customers but many stakeholders are associated to it – government, banks, creditors, suppliers etc.

All these stakeholders have a different kind of relationship with the company:
The government would levy taxes on the company and check for irregularity or violation of laws.
The banks would provide loans to the company for execution of projects.
Creditors/suppliers would provide raw materials on credit basis.
All these parties would be able to maintain their respective relationships with the company only if the company have capable and cooperative people working for it.

For instance,
The government would allow companies to work as long as they are not circumventing any law which depends on the employees – if employees are ethical at the workplace and not breaking rules or regulations, it would be beneficial for the company.

Moreover, the banks would provide loans only if the company is able to provide its credibility to pay off the loan – such credibility can be established only by the employees who contribute towards earning revenue.

5. You save money of your company:

Had it not been you – an employee of your company, it would be someone else who could have been less talented and less competent than you. The company could have spent a lot of money in providing training programme to that employee to develop his or her skills, knowledge and capability.

Going to the office every day surely seems a cumbersome task to complete but these reasons may encourage you to make that task worth completing.


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